FaSt FoOd

Yeah! This one is my new favorite. It was so fun to make. How can you resist a mini burger....cake?!?! Yup. It's really cake. I am not going to take the credit for this idea though. Straight from my favorite bakerella blog. Pretty simple to make and hold up surprisingly well. Thanks bakerella! The little happy meal made me happy...and everyone else!

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iS iT cAkE oR pOpCoRn?!

A had a "pink popcorn" party for her birthday. We watched movies and popped popcorn...and of course ate cake. This cake was super super easy and turned out great! It was the happiest, pinkest bucket of popcorn we ever saw!

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This tennis ball cake was for our tennis pro friend. "Loved" it!

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gIaNt CuPcAkE

This was a fun giant cupcake to celebrate Andrew's first birthday. It did melt in the car a little bit on the
way over to my parents house was almost the 4th of July you know! However, it was really
really yummy. It was a lemon poppy seed cake with lemon cream cheese frosting.
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bIkE cAkE

This cake was my favorite. I think because I love bikes!
I made it last year for a little just for the heck of it party.
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mY wILToN CaKe ClasS

I know this cake is a little sad, but I am taking the
Wilton Cake Decorating classes again...and here is
my first sweet reward! More to come.

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frOm ThE sOuTh: CaRaMeL CaKE

The cake is simply a yellow cake out of a box!
tHe IciNg
3 Cups brown sugar
1 Cup white sugar
1 tbs. flour
MiX WeLl ThEn AdD:
1 lg. can evaporated milk-exactly 1.5 cups
boil above ingredients in a sauce pn until 236 degrees (soft ball stage). ReMovE FrOm HeAt aNd AdD:
2 tbs. butter
1 tbs. vanilla
Let rest until room temp. You want it thick and creamy. Put between layers and for sure on the top!
fRoM tHe KitCheN oF: my mother-in-law, Barbara